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Chloe DeYoung

Chloe DeYoung is valedictorian of her graduating class and has earned straight A’s and A+’s throughout her high school career. Her coursework has extended beyond the usual high school curriculum to include 4 Advanced Placement courses and one class at a local college for which she has earned college credit. Chloe plans to pursue a[…..]

Chloe DeYoung is valedictorian of her graduating class and has earned straight A’s and A+’s throughout her high school career. Her coursework has extended beyond the usual high school curriculum to include 4 Advanced Placement courses and one class at a local college for which she has earned college credit. Chloe plans to pursue a medical career and independently reached out to researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison seeking an opportunity to learn about the field of medical research. The professor was so impressed by Chloe’s initiative and enthusiasm that she offered her a position as a laboratory assistant for the summer (typically reserved for college undergraduate or graduate students), where she performed experiments on drug-resistant bacteria. Although Chloe loved the challenges and rewards of laboratory research, it was her experience working with dementia patients that solidified her resolve to become a physician. She now hopes to focus on neuroscience and work to unlock the mysteries of the brain. Outside of her academic accomplishments, Chloe has been a valuable member and leader of multiple varsity athletic teams, including soccer, softball, and her special love, volleyball. Chloe will be attending Stetson University, where she has been awarded the J. Ollie Edmunds Distinguished Scholarship, the most prestigious and valuable scholarship at Stetson. In light of her receipt of the Edmunds Scholarship, we have pledged our support to Chloe for her post-graduate studies (i.e. medical school). We are excited to support Chloe in the upcoming years as she pursues her dream of becoming a physician.

Updates from Chloe:

May 2020

I have just finished my first year of college at Stetson University and am happy to share that I have maintained a 4.0 for the entire year. This semester I took 18 credits, including Chemistry 2, College Spanish, Biostatistics, and Sociology earning an A+ in each. This year I earned the 2020 Award for General Chemistry which is given to one student who has taken the entire sequence and done “outstanding work.” I very much enjoyed all of my classes and learned a lot this year. For the honor’s class this semester I had to take “Honors Workshop”. This class focused on making a difference in the community outside of Stetson, but due to the COVID-19 caused adjustments, we were given the goal of making a difference while in these adjusted situations. I decided to start a virtual community for health and wellness.

Outside of my classes, I was able to start a lot of my involvement this semester. I will continue to be a SPI (student peer instructor) next semester for Biology and I greatly enjoyed helping others understand a subject that I’m so passionate about. I am also considering applying for Lead SPI, the student leader of all the SPIs.

In my executive position as academic chairman for ZTA, I accomplished a lot this year. I designed an entirely new academic system that I feel will do better at raising the overall GPA of the organization. I also was chosen out of the entire organization as an “upcoming leader” to attend the ZTA Convention which happens every other year. This would’ve been in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of June and I would’ve had a free trip, but it was switched to online due to the current situation. I’m excited to see what I can do in my position next semester with my newly designed program and what position I will earn if I apply next term.

I had planned on residing in Florida during the summer in order to continue my Internship at ClinCloud with clinical trials. However, due to the situation caused by COVID-19 I came home. My boss at ClinCloud is allowing me to continue my internship remotely for now and I will return next semester and continue in person. We’ve talked about me being able to start a research portion this summer of creating a new diagnostic test to more efficiently evaluate Dementia patients and also working on writing a paper for that as well as some other projects. I’ve enjoyed my time there and enjoy the people I work with greatly. I plan on continuing this for all four years during my undergraduate career and am hoping to find opportunities to become published.

This semester was also very fun because I was able to do a lot through intramural sports, including volleyball and basketball which I have a deep passion for. I met lots of new people and explored the beautiful downtown area of DeLand. I am so happy with where I go to school and the community around me and plan on enjoying the next three years as much as possible.

Next semester I will be very challenged. Two of my classes are Physics with lab and Organic Chemistry with lab, so I know I’ll have to study a lot. I also will continue my involvement as well as try to gain more volunteer and shadowing experience. I’m going to use this extra time this summer to work on my internship, learn more about the process of applying to medical schools, teach myself how to cook healthy snacks and meals, and enjoy precious time with my family.

January 2020

I have just finished my first semester at Stetson University and it went great! I took a lot of science courses this year such as Chemistry, Biology, and Psychology. I earned an A+ in each and also earned an A in my Honors Freshman Seminar which focused on many major issues our generation will have to work to solve. I am loving the rigor and challenge of college classes.
Through my success in my Biology class, I was offered an interview to become a SPI (student peer instructor) for this class next semester. After the interview, I was offered this position. Early in the semester, I pledged for Zeta Tau Alpha and soon after Initiation, I became a part of the Executive Committee as the Academic Chairman. I am very honored to have been given this opportunity, as freshmen are rarely considered. I have also become a part of the pre-med fraternity and biological honors society on campus.
Outside of campus, I have been working to find opportunities to become more involved in medicine. I have networked a lot and gained some connections in the realm of clinical trials. Just recently after shadowing ClinCloud, a clinical trial office working with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Dementia, I was offered an internship that would be ongoing for whenever I’m in Florida. I will be learning the process of clinical trials and also be able to gain on-site training for phlebotomy, ECGs, and more. I’m very excited about this opportunity.
I have also had lots of fun on campus this semester from performing a dance for a competition at homecoming where we spent the week raising money for the homeless to attending my first Gala complete with acrobats and stilt-walkers. I’m very happy with my choice of schooling and can’t wait to see what the next couple years have in store for me.