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Delaney Agnew

Delaney Agnew is Salutatorian of the Cambria High School Class of 2018 and has excelled in all of her classes across all subjects. She attended a Presidential campaign rally in Madison in 2012, and since that time has developed an ever-increasing passion for government studies and politics. Delaney’s experience on the Platform Committee and as[…..]

Delaney Agnew is Salutatorian of the Cambria High School Class of 2018 and has excelled in all of her classes across all subjects. She attended a Presidential campaign rally in Madison in 2012, and since that time has developed an ever-increasing passion for government studies and politics. Delaney’s experience on the Platform Committee and as a State Senator at Badger State Girls solidified her plans to pursue these studies in college and as a career. She enjoys public speaking and performing, with numerous awards in forensic competition and singing the national anthem at sporting events. Delaney’s employment at a nursing home has become much more than a job for her. She has developed special relationships with the residents, regarding them as “extra grandparents,” and spends time talking, reading and singing with them on a regular basis. These activities have also provided a further focus on Delaney’s career ambitions. Delaney hopes to apply her skills as a lawyer in the area of elder advocacy and protection. Delaney will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she will embrace a world of opportunity in the fields of politics and government. We are proud to support Delaney in her exciting and important career goals.

Updates From Delaney Agnew:

June 2020

After a very unique spring semester, I am happy to say I achieved a 4.0 along with being on the Dean’s List! This semester was very challenging as I got special permission to do a credit overload of 19 credits. My most challenging class this semester was Statistics for Sociologists. It had been since high school that I had taken a math class, so it took me a while to adjust, but I was very happy when I ended the class with an A. I also took two Gender and Women’s Studies classes that contributed to my certificate, which is now complete. I also took two Political Science classes that were focused on international relations and global politics, which was definitely interesting and relevant when we discussed the global COVID-19 pandemic. I also continued taking choir, which was very devastating online as our spring concert and other activities were cancelled and we had to give up all of the hard work we put into our repertoire prior to the quarantine. Although transitioning to online-learning was difficult at first, I made the best of the situation and I feel I have become a stronger student because of it. I am now enrolled in three online summer classes that I will be completing while also working full time as the supervisor of the Cambria Pool. I am already in my third week of the first summer class, which is only 4 weeks long. This class focuses on the Sociology of Juvenile Delinquency, and I am very grateful to be taking it in the midst of the Black Lives Matter protests that are occurring right now as it has been a good avenue for educating myself on racial disparities within the criminal justice system, while also discussing these issues with fellow classmates in the online forum. I am very grateful that I have the ability to educate myself on such important matters, as it helps me understand my own privilege as a white person while seeing all of the injustices in the world faced by marginalized groups.
Since the second half of spring semester was moved to online learning, all of the events that the two student organizations I am in had planned were cancelled. This was very unfortunate as the National Organization for Women UW-Madison Chapter had to cancel the annual Take Back the Night march that we had been planning in support of sexual assault survivors. It was also very challenging for College Democrats as we had to cancel all of our in-person canvassing efforts for the election in April. However, we continued to text and phone-bank, and were able to get a victory by electing Judge Jill Karofsky to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which we are very excited about! I have been reelected as the Data Director for College Dems and look forward to organizing for the 2020 presidential election, whether it be in-person or virtual organizing. I also hope that we are able to resume in-person classes in the fall, as I truly miss singing with my choir and cannot wait to perform with them again!
It was also a pleasure living with fellow scholarship recipient, Ashtyn Smits, this school year in Madison. She was a phenomenal roommate and we grew even closer as friends. I was sad when we had to say goodbye to our time as roommates earlier than we had hoped!
Overall, I made the best of my spring semester and look forward with great anticipation of when I can go back to campus. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has quickly become my second home, and I would not have the privilege of these wonderful experiences and memories without your contribution to my education and future. Thank you for your continued support!

Jan 2020

I had a really great third semester at UW-Madison! I am proud to say I made the Dean’s List again and I really enjoyed my classes this semester! I officially declared a second major so I am now double majoring in Political Science and Sociology with a certificate in Gender and Women’s Studies.
This semester I started my role as the Data Director for College Democrats and I had a lot of fun helping to organize meetings and working on increasing membership. For my role, I log all of our group’s data about membership and involvement. We went canvassing twice this semester to start bridge building with voters by talking to them about issues they cared about instead of particular candidates. We are hoping by building connections with our voters early on that it will be easier to get out the vote for the 2020 presidential election. I also helped the National Organization for Women UW-Madison chapter with the Love Your Body Day celebration on campus this year as well, which was a lot of fun and brought many smiles to all kinds of people who received our body positive affirmations. I look forward to doing more with both of these organizations in the spring as well.
The women’s chorus that I am a part of started off the semester by singing the national anthem at a Badgers Women’s Volleyball game which was a very exciting experience! We also got to watch the game afterwards and bond as a group. My choir also got the opportunity to be one of the groups to perform at the new Hamel Music Center grand opening ceremony. We performed for a packed house! We also had a very successful fall concert in the new music center and an even better holiday concert at the Luther Memorial church. I will be continuing on with this choir next semester as well.
All in all, I had a wonderful fall semester back at school and I continue to be extremely grateful for the chance to attend this amazing university which would not be possible without the generosity of this foundation. Thank you so much!

June 2019

My second semester at UW-Madison flew by! I took lots of very interesting classes this semester that I really enjoyed. I fulfilled general education requirements while also taking classes towards my major and certificate. I am proud to say that I made the Dean’s List again, and also achieved a higher GPA the first semester! I feel like I am getting in the groove of college academics and getting more comfortable. I am very excited to go back in the fall and continue learning valuable information while also challenging myself. I also officially declared my Political Science major and Gender and Women’s Studies certificate. I am taking two more Sociology classes next semester to determine if I would also like to declare that as my double major.
I was also more actively involved with my student organizations this semester. College Democrats were in full swing for the spring elections. I enjoyed attending several rallies for our new Mayor of Madison, Satya Rhodes-Canway. Satya is Madison’s first openly gay mayor, which is an incredible feat. I also got to personally know and canvass for our new Madison City Council District 8 Alder, Avra Reddy, as she is a fellow student. Voting in this spring’s election was very exciting as we elected many women into office in Madison. At the end of this semester, I ran to be on the executive board for College Democrats and got elected the new Data Director! I am very excited to be more involved in the fall as we prepare for the 2020 presidential election. I also had a lot of fun working with the National Organization for Women (UW-Madison Chapter) this semester as we raised money by hosting a pop-up thrift store in Memorial Union. We used the funds to host the Take Back the Night March where we advocated for sexual assault victims and called to take back our streets and our safety. We marched from Library Mall and traveled on Langdon Street all the way to the Capitol where we gathered and heard from speakers such as Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, Alder Avra Reddy, Planned Parenthood Public Affairs Organizer and former UW-Madison student Katrina Morrison, and more. We also had an open floor for survivors to speak out about their experiences and advocate for an end to sexual assault. This event was powerful and very inspiring. I hope to help my organization organize more events like this in the future.
My choir also had a very successful semester. We worked hard in preparation for our spring concert and performed 7 different songs. We even had choreography for one, which was very fun! We took five of our pieces and performed at Capitol Lakes Assisted Living. My choir finished off the semester by recording an original piece by my conductor that he was submitting for a national composition competition. We also recorded the National Anthem in hopes of submitting it to the UW-Madison sports department to hopefully perform as a group potentially at some basketball, hockey, or volleyball games next year. This choir has been a phenomenal way to continue with my love for music.
Overall, I had a great first year at UW-Madison and I look forward to the next three. I am so grateful that I was afforded the opportunity by this generous foundation to have all of these experiences.
Thank you!

Jan 2019

After a very successful and busy semester at UW-Madison, I am very excited to share all of the wonderful things that I have been up to! I took a variety of classes this semester in order to fulfill general education requirements, while also catering to my interests! I took an introduction class for political science that revolved around American politics and government, which was even more interesting during the midterm election. I took a sociology class on American society that also helped me analyze politics, but from a different perspective. I enjoyed this class so much that I am now considering possibly double majoring in Political Science and Sociology! I am taking another sociology class next semester on race and ethnicity in the United States in order to help with this decision. I also took a gender and women’s studies class regarding world history that was truly an eye-opener. The G&WS department at UW-Madison is remarkable. I am planning on fulfilling more general education requirements with more G&WS classes to also obtain a certificate in this fascinating field! I loved all of my classes this semester and am proud to say that I made the Dean’s List!
Outside of the classroom, I kept myself very busy! I auditioned for the chorus the first week of school and got into the women’s chorus! We rehearse three times a week and had three concerts this semester. My favorite was the holiday concert at Luther Memorial Church where we performed with the other choirs on campus. I have met so many amazing women in my choir that I’m sure will be lifelong friends! I feel so blessed to get to continue my love for music at college!
I also got to be active in politics this semester through the two student organizations I joined. By being involved with College Democrats, I got to canvass for political candidates during the midterm election while also getting to meet and talk with several at campaign rallies! The coolest rally that I attended was with former Vice President Joe Biden, where I managed to sneak into the back of a selfie with him! I got to also celebrate National Love Your Body Day with the National Organization for Women (UW-Madison Chapter). We tabled on State Street and handed out positive affirmations, candy, and cheer! I also got to take part in Badger Athletics pride by not only attending the first men’s basketball game but also by being pictured in this year’s poster!
Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for all of the opportunities that receiving this generous scholarship has afforded me so far, and I am so excited for what the future holds for me in college! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.