Work Ethic

Hard work and diligence at home, in the workplace and in the pursuit of education as well as in service to others.


Helping others at home, in school and in the community, in an effort to effect positive change.

Academic Achievement

A commitment to pursing a rigorous course of study to the best of one’s abilities.


Encouraging others to work toward a common vision. Individuals who are civic-minded with integrity, initiative, decisiveness, and a sense of purpose.

The William Wiersma Foundation

Scholarship – Integrity – Initiative

bookworkWilliam “Bill”  Wiersma believed strongly in the value of education. He grew up in Friesland, WI and became the first person in his family to complete college and earn an advanced degree, driven by the belief that education broadens opportunities and provides a foundation for a fulfilling life.  He also appreciated the struggles and sacrifices that are often required to achieve these goals.  In addition to his lifelong work to improve education through research, he was himself an exceptional teacher. He shared that gift generously with his students, friends and family.

The intent of this scholarship is to encourage and enable students from the Cambria/Friesland, Wisconsin area to attend a four-year college or university and earn a Bachelors’ degree. Bill Wiersma understood that there are always challenges involved in pursuing this goal, and the financial assistance offered by this award is meant to support motivated students and alleviate some of the financial burden of completing a degree.



The William Wiersma Foundation

The William Wiersma Foundation was formed in 2014 to honor the life of Bill Wiersma and to establish a legacy in tribute to his belief in education. The Foundation is funded through generous contributions in his honor from friends and family members.

News & Updates

April 11, 2022

Current William Wiersma Scholars

Delaney Agnew

Class of 2022

  University of Wisconsin-Madison

McKenna Murphy

Class of 2022

  University of Wisconsin-Madison-LaCrosse

Chloe DeYoung

Class of 2023  

Stetson University

Camber Ebert

Class of 2024

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Alexis Johnson

Class of 2025

University of Wisconsin-Madison

William Wiersma Scholars: Our Graduates!

Jacob Keip

Class of 2021  

University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Engineering

Ashtyn Smits

Class of 2021

  University of Wisconsin-Madison

We are so proud of the wonderful ways that our William Wiersma Scholars are embracing their college experiences! We thank them for taking the time to share their stories with us..details on Our Scholars page!!

April 11, 2022

We are happy to announce that applications for our 2023 William Wiersma Scholarship are now being accepted (deadline May 1, 2023).

Please go to New Applicants page for details.